Joel's Story

Joel Eddington is a Vancouver based magician who's been performing for birthday parties, & weddings since the age of 12. He then quickly moved to performing corporate events, fairs, restaurants, dry grads, & so on. His primary focus is close-up magic, creating intimate moments of astonishment with cards, coins, & borrowed objects. Joel's inspiration comes from his Father who rubbed a coin through a table when he was a kid (still has no clue how his Dad did it). When Joel isn't out performing, he is often creating/presenting a different type of illusion through film & photography. He has performed at the Shangri La Vancouver, The Vancouver Club, Science World, & many bars/restaurants, high-schools, & parks/recreational areas in Greater Vancouver.

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With Joel invited, I am the current “cool parent” on the birthday party scene. Kids and parents were surprised and delighted
— Michelle (North Vancouver)


Joel comes from a small gulf island in the Straight of Georgia called Saltspring. Growing up in this calm environment away from traffic jams and other stresses of the big city allowed him to study, learn, and perform magic in a positive creative environment. However in time Joel began to grow tired of the same old scene, not having to pay for parking, & seeking a larger cliental to perform for, he moved to Vancouver, BC. Soon afterward, realizing he grew up in the best place on earth, & Saltspring is paradise.

Why Magic?

Having an illusion created & presented in front of your eyes can help bring you away from life's complications & completely into the moment. "You can't be mad, sad, or angry when your astonished" - Paul Harris. This has become the most fascinating aspect of performing for Joel, allowing participants to go into a world of astonishment where anything & everything they create seems possible.